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Michael Scappa
Michael Scappa

Probably one of the only developers you’ll ever meet who loves to communicate as much as he loves to code. Michael is energized by interesting challenges, especially when creating innovative solutions and then describe the solutions in ways clients appreciate.

An experienced, talented programmer with knowledge of many languages, Michael’s career over the last decade has involved working in advertising, running his own web development consulting company, and developing a wide range of web-based applications for a variety of vendors.

Michael has been instrumental as lead developer for open-source products, online relational databases, and customized SaaS solutions, and products designed to enhance nonprofit websites’ functionality, including e-commerce, website content editing, online community-building, and email campaigning.

Michael has consulted and directed dozens of custom development projects for government agencies and nonprofits in education, healthcare, human services, philanthropy, and others. His projects have ranged from basic website development to enterprise-level relational databases integrated into customized CMS solutions.

Michael is fluent in key development languages including PHP, PERL, ASP, Javascript, AJAX and Ruby on Rails, as well as a variety of open-source software platforms such as Drupal and CiviCRM. In addition, Michael is Cisco CNA certified, part of Microsoft's operating systems beta testing teams, as well as a technical reviewer for O’Reilly Media. He has significant experience in server administration, networking, several database engines, and development on both Linux and Windows platforms. Michael attended Gloucester County College.

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