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Jason Millard

I have been in the industry professionally since 1997. I have written applications for a variety of platforms in almost every language.

Currently, I work for a pharmaceutical company in the Pocono Mountains (Pennsylvania) as a web developer. Prior to this company, I spent four years subcontracted to the Postal service, and five years with Lockheed Martin writing J2EE web apps.

I became interested in Drupal after listening to a podcast from Leo Laporte. He had discussed how he hired Lullabot to design using Drupal. After that I became consumed with Drupal. I started listening to the Lullabot podcasts, asking questions on #drupal-support, and trying to find anyway I could, to use Drupal.

With that, I have probably been using Drupal for three years now. I've worked on a few Drupal sites such as,,,, and for my own company Millard Software.

Recently I have started a new endeavor with two other highly motivated individuals, OPTiMO Labs LLC. We will focus on Drupal websites and iPhone development.

Continuing with iPhone development, I work with NiceMac LLC and am the lead developer on the uSirius StarPlayr iPhone application. This application, if released, will allow Sirius and XM Internet radio to be played anywhere.

In addition to Drupal and iPhone development, I enjoy creating free utilities such as PuTTYCS and uSirius. PuTTYCS is a utility that sends commands to multiple PuTTY windows. uSirius is a utility that combined with TVersity or ORB allows listening to Sirius Satellite Radio on a variety of devices.

DrupalCon DC will be my second DrupalCon. I am just as excited to attend as I was for DrupalCon Boston!

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