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courtney miller
Courtney Miller

Courtney has been developing Drupal sites for nonprofits since 2003. Her work in this area began when she moved from Atlanta to Amsterdam and she began volunteering with ASCII, a free public Internet space, and became absorbed in learning about open source software and how it can be applied to the nonprofit sector. She began working with Tactical Technology Collective, was asked to partner with Marieke van Dijk and Auke Touwslager of Anderemedia to build a new web site for the organization, and the work of Floatleft began.

Previously, Courtney worked for IBM, implementing web sites for the IBM Intranet and Internet, and for a start-up web software company, WebTone technologies, as a Technical Analyst. Her interest in nonprofit technology services began back in 1995 when she started volunteering with the Georgia Justice Project, an organization she has continued to support as a volunteer. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida.

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