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Cindy McCourt

I am IDCM Innovations (Imagine, Design, Create, Manage). When people ask me what I do or what I am, I start with saying I am a consultant. That usually gets a blank look.

Now I say I am a consultant of those tasks that have information architecture at the core. I have had and still do have opportunities to perform in many roles and across multiple disciplines. At the core of each, I find information architecture. Depending on the discipline, you have different meaning for Information Architecture (IA).

My life's work is based in understanding the information required and how it is organized; how various aspects of the information relate to each other. I use these skills when designing instruction, web sites, and the interfaces used for both. When considering information systems, I use these skills to map processes, data, and interaction requirements.

Whatever I am doing, I find myself having to apply my project management skills. Sometimes I am the project manager for a project or I am assisting. Either way, I have to consider personnel (of which I usually have no control), schedules, budget, risk, communications, development processes, etc.