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Aaron Stanush
Aaron Stanush

Aaron Stanush is a graphic artist and web designer who harbors a special love for logos, branding, and typography. Building large-scale websites occupies most of his time, with most of his efforts guiding sites' aesthetics and user experience. He is especially adept at the thankless tasks of wireframing, site architecture, and content categorization.

Aaron is a rock-climber, RSS-news fanatic, and co-founder of Four Kitchens, a web services consulting firm that specializes in building large, scalable websites and publishing workflow solutions. Four Kitchens embraces open-source solutions and collaborative methodologies in every aspect of its business and encourages its clients to do the same.

Four Kitchens provides consulting, development, infrastructure, and web strategy services to the Wikimedia Foundation, the Internet Archive, Creative Commons, NowPublic, Mansueto Ventures, Stratfor, and Lifetime TV.

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Aaron Stanush
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